Various Links I Have Found Useful or Interesting

Communities, Resources (A translators community with a vast array of forums, job offers, how-to articles, and a system for asking and answering terminology questions; you'll find my profile there, too) (A translators community with forums, job offers, and articles) (Lin
ks to wide variety of translation-related resources)

Dictionaries, Glossaries (Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary) (The "king" of Jpns-Eng online dictionaries; most terms have slews of examples and contexts, but beware of errors lurking in the midst) (Jpns-Eng dictionary) (Jpns-Eng dictionary) (Jpns-Eng dictionary) (Katakana and more) (Katakana and more) (Huge list of links to dictionaries and glossaries) (Links to a wide variety of glossaries) (For the readings of Japanese place names) (Small but useful collection of glossaries)

Photos of Me and My Family (June 2004 - present) (Sept 2003 -June 2004) (Aug 2002 - Aug 2003)
(Sept 2000 - July 2002)

Parenting Resources (My parenting "bible") (Features a very active mailing list for families raising their children to be bi- or multilingual) (Great online activities for learning ABCs and learning to read) (Bunches of kid-oriented games, stories, music, activities; most, though not all, are at least marginally educational) (N
ot quite as animated and navigable as Disney's site but more educational; lots of letter-finding games)

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